Seminars, Inc.


Safety Seminars, Inc.
Safety Seminars is family-owned and operated in Bakersfield, CA. Since our company opened its doors in 2000, we’ve successfully trained thousands of crane operators, lift operators, riggers & signalpersons throughout the United States, and we have one of the highest certification rates in the industry. 

Our trainers are certified crane operators, and well educated in the crane industry.  Our trainers have decades of experience in the construction, timber, and marine, rigging, oil and gas industries.  Several of our instructors hold degrees in education, which gives us not only a strong understanding of various industries, but also the background in teaching the education fundamentals required to succeed.

It is our mission to stay up-to-date with all of Federal Osha and CalOsha regulations for crane operators, lift operators, riggers and signalpersons.  We won't just help you get your certification; we will train you to do your job safely and effectively.